Bamboo soap dishes are eco-friendly, sustainable and organic

You obviously have good taste, you’re reading about eco-friendly bamboo soap dishes. Here at PlanetNatura our search to improve our green credentials and to move to a zero-plastic home started small, we replaced our plastic bottles of shampoo with organic natural soap.

Did you know that 80% of the contents of a standard bottle of shampoo is water? Well, this isn’t eco-friendly or sustainable. The carbon emissions associated with transporting water is incredibly high. First, we purchased shampoo bars, next soap bars… all good so far!

We qubamboo soap dishesickly realised to hold the shampoo bars, soap bars and stop them deteriorating too quickly we needed a soap dish. After searching around, we found hundreds of plastic soap dishes, to buy this would defeat the point of the task at hand, namely reducing plastic waste in the home. A bamboo soap dish offered a perfect partnership with natural soaps and shampoo bars. Job’s a good’un.

We then started our research and found some great, low-cost bamboo soap dishes that we love and hope you will too. Perfect. Why is this perfect? Well you all know how we feel about the eco-friendly, sustainable bamboo plant. It’s great. As well as being carbon neutral, it helps eliminate plastic waste. It is a renewable natural resource that needs no chemicals to be cultivated and thrive.




Here are some facts about eco-friendly bamboo soap dishes and why they make a great addition to any green home

  1. Your soap will last far longer when it’s not left in a puddle in your bathroom. This reduces waste and further increases the environmental benefits associated with the move to bamboo
  2. Bamboo soap dishes are hard and will last for a very long time. Even though bamboo is a grass, the strength it gains in its short and high-speed life is exceptional (it can reach growth speeds of 0.0003 miles per hour – the fastest plant in the world).
  3. The more ventilation a soap dish has, the greater the airflow, the faster it dries and therefore, the longer it lasts.
  4. Records indicate that soap was first used as far back as 2800BC, it’s our guess that the first soap dish wasn’t born too long after that, and hopefully it was a bamboo soap dish.
  5. You can easily recycle your eco-friendly bamboo soap dish – it’s organic material and will biodegrade when you’ve finished with it.

Thanks for reading and I hope this is another idea you can implement to move to a greener, more eco-friendly and sustainable future.