Plastic free packaging for all eco-friendly products

When we started PlanetNatura our aim was to provide sustainable alternatives to plastic products in your home. This extends to the packaging we send our products out in. In fact it’s really important with packaging. Why I hear you ask? Well plastic you use day after day does not have the same negative impact on the environment as single use plastic. On nearly all occasions plastic packaging is single use.

We have thought long and hard and experimented with several different options, even down to the tape we use, every element has been considered and refined.

Our journey towards plastic free packaging

Initially we started by cutting up old boxes we had lying around. This was a good start, it meant we could recycle all of the old card. Sadly, there’s a but, we found two problems with this.

It is not scalable or sustainable. If we’re particularly busy shipping bamboo dental floss or bamboo dish brush, we might run out of shipment material. This would mean you lovely people, our customers would be left waiting for the great new plastic free products.

Another problem is that it looked bloody awful. You’ve made a commitment to leave less of an impact on the environment. This is a great move forward to helping move towards a greener sustainable future. You should be feeling good about this and receive a dopamine hit. If you receive a roughly folded bit of cardboard through the post that has the remnants of the Weetabix logo, this doesn’t make the dopamine flow. You deserve the feel-good hit.

Our current eco-friendly packaging described

After much deliberation and consideration, we have decided to stick with the cardboard packaging and cutting this up on a case by case basis… we aren’t too worried about running out… we brought a 4ft high, 75-meter roll of cardboard packaging from Raja Packaging. Yes, it’s a pain in the backside to keep having to cut up individual packages and not very efficient, but what’s a little hard work compared with the benefits for the environment.

  1. Waste is minimal, we don’t use too much packaging. You won’t receive a box the size of a house to only find a bamboo toothbrush in there. This reduces the carbon foot print of each delivery and reduce the waste.
  2. We know there’s been as little processing as possible to get our sustainable products to their rightful owners… you. We don’t ship in manufactured boxes unless it protects… an example of this is our Organic Bamboo Dental Floss, this comes in a glass jar and needs protection.
  3. We can keep our prices down. The lower our prices can stay the more opportunity we have to provide low cost eco-friendly products for the home.

We found a supplier of plastic-free packaging tape, their packaging is fully recyclable and also made from recycled material.

Our commitment to zero plastic packaging

We promise that wherever possible we will use eco-friendly packaging. There are a few potential exceptions we have to make. We sell our items on e-bay and Amazon. We want as many people as possible to have access to low cost sustainable home products and move us towards a more sustainable future. Love them or hate them, these suppliers have great reach. Some of our products have the potential to be fulfilled by Amazon. In this scenario we don’t always have a say over what type of packing is used for our products.

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions or tips on reducing waste with postage, please let us know.