Bamboo dish brush with 2 additional heads – this eco-friendly pack will provide at least a year’s worth of scrubbing.

Experience the PlanetNatura natural, eco-friendly Dish brush. The quality dish brush that comes with replaceable heads are fully biodegradable. Behind each PlanetNatura dish brush lies original styling and unmatched quality. Made from a bamboo handle and natural Sisal bristles. There’s zero-plastic, which eliminates waste to help protect the oceans from even more plastic pollution. 

As well as being incredibly sustainable, they’ll look great in your green home. 

When you next come to replace your plastic dish brush, choose a sustainable and environmentally friendly option. Bamboo is the most sustainable plant on the planet. 


Wherever possible, we supply products with zero-plastic. This eco-friendly, sustainable bamboo dish brush is another example of this. We’re helping you make little incremental changes that we are sure will lead to great changes in the future. Our packaging is also zero plastic.


The PlanetNatura Dish Brush is formed of organic bamboo and Yisal bristles. The heads can simply be replaced when they wear out. The rest of the head is then compostable and will biodegrade over time. Here at PlanetNatura we are combining natural quality, a great performance and a lovely looking and natural product. We expect you to get at least 4 months use from each replaceable head.


The PlanetNatura dish brush bristles are Sisal. Sisal is a natural fibre made from the fibres of a type of cactus called Agaves. As with bamboo, the cactus can be grown with little or no additional chemicals. Making the head as sustainable as the Bamboo handle. 

This is one of our range of Bamboo products for the eco-friendly kitchen. The whole combination will be a great addition to any kitchen.